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Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I've always loved this holiday. Not sure why. Even when I was single it was great because my friends and I would exchange little presents and whatnot and it was all cute and stuff. I still feel that way but this year is my first Valentine's Day I am single in....oh, 7 years? Maybe more? It's kind of sad, at least to me. I don't remember WHAT it was like to be single on V-Day.

I still love it, just not as much. My daddy always gets me stuff and this year was no different. I'm such a daddy's girl. :D

I have, however, figured out why they call it "single awareness day." LOL I can't go out with my girls tonight because of the snow and ice on the ground. Which means OTH Night will have to be on the phone. Boo! But still, I'm giving a love shout out to all my LJ girlies! Cheers ladies!
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