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Calling for Dust Plots!!

Soooo, I'm looking for stuff to do with some of my Dust characters. I have quite a few, but there are some that are kinda just...floating along. I post them when I need to, but that's pretty much it. One girl is in danger of being dropped.  A couple of these I don't have trouble posting for, I actually enjoy it, I'd just like more for them. Help please! :)

-Madelina Saito (She may be on the chopping block since I never interact her with anyone. Help save her!)
-Keleios De Luca (She is in no danger of being dropped since I love her to pieces. I'd just like...something. Heehee) 
-Brilane Thornfield (Again, no danger of being dropped since I just made her. I just want something interesting for her.)
-Effie Dounas (I love her to pieces, I'd just like something. Maybe more friends than Lexy. Something!)
-Jewel Dougherty (She's my Old Soul. I'm thinking maybe a vampy recognition thing or something. I love her, so she's not going anywhere)

Other than that, not much to report. I am sick sick sick. Otherwise, all is well. About to post more for Blood. :D
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